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Did you know that 75% of resumes are rejected before reaching the hiring manager?

The reality is that job hunting can be a long process for some of us. But landing the right job requires more than just outsmarting a numbers game or redesigning your resume — when you do it right. 

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But first... what does being career-ready mean? 

"Career readiness is the process of preparing people with the skills they need to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a job."


A career is more than just a job and career readiness has no defined endpoint.

To be career ready in our ever-changing global economy requires adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning, along with mastery of key knowledge, skills and dispositions that vary from one career to another and change over time as a person progresses along.

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Careerday is a digital career accelerator platform designed to help job seekers get career smart and level the playing field for career-switchers by achieving

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Regardless of where you may be in your career,
whether you are...

  • Career-switching or considering alternative careers but facing a loss of identity, uncertainty and lack of self-confidence so you want to ensure that you are being intentional about the process...

  • Currently job-seeking and ready to advance your career path with clarity and get noticed...

  • A recent graduate that is new to the job market, unsure about which career paths to take and need modern practical strategies to set yourself up for success...


You can learn how to navigate the hiring process, talk about your experiences with confidence and succeed in your career


An experienced HR, recruiter, career skills instructor, career advisor and the founder of Careerday.

I graduated with my MBA in 2019 and prior to that I have spent more than 6 years growing teams and working with talent to develop their careers in startups and technology.

Careerday was created as I believe that everyone can win at work and lead a fulfilling life with the right tools and knowledge. 

Our mission is to help each job seeker and every career-switcher make informed and educated choices to find a job, get better at work and build a career (all the things that I wish I knew to set myself up for success and only learned much much later). 

In my leisure time, you can find me running, on the mat or reading. I'm also a level 2 udon maker and a mama to 2 cats & 3 gerbils. 

Hi there, I'm Gail.


Career transformation starts here.

Pick your day one. 


1:1 Career Coaching

Are you ready to take your career to the next level but not sure where you should start or how to take smart risks that make sense?

Whether you are making a career-switch, 
job hunting or feeling disengaged at work— you may have reached a point where you find yourself asking, "What now?"

If you are looking to make a radical change in the safest way possible, develop clarity, regain confidence and for that extra nudge, then a private 1:1 career coaching is for you. 


Let's explore what's possible and figure out your next step on your terms to get where you want to be faster.

  • An understanding of yourself and how you want to show up at work.

  • Insight into what motives and drives you.

  • Clarity on the types of progression and career pathways that you can choose.

  • A personalized job search plan and career roadmap.

  • Education plan and skills development for specific skills you need help with.

  • Bonus: Resume critique, interview prep and one 1.5hr practice interview.

What you will get...


2-day Intensive Workshop

Are you still using outdated job search methods? Are you sending in application after application but not getting a response?

On average, recruiters take 7.4 secs to go through a resume and the first 90 secs in an interview to feel like you're "the one".


So how do you prove that you are the one that they are looking for? How do you get called back for another interview?

This beginner-friendly workshop is designed to equip participants with modern and practical skills to develop strategies to help them stand out, secure the ideal role and help successfully transition to a new role.

What you will get...

  • Modern tips and hacks to up your job hunting game.

  • Knowledge of what interviewers want and how they assess talent.

  • Self-awareness to craft your personal brand story.

  • Identification of potential gaps to fill.

  • Knowing how to make an entrance and exit in interviews. 

  • Greater confidence in the ability to present yourself.

  • Beginner-friendly.

  • Live session via Zoom/Hangouts.

  • Digital course notes will be provided.

  • Limited to 20 participants per session.

  • Conducted in Singapore time (GMT+08)

CV & Interview workshop details:


1.5hr Practice Interview

Believe it or not, mock or practice interviewing is one of the best and fastest ways to prepare for an interview. 

You get to make mistakes without costly consequences, evaluate your own performance and practice different responses to the same question to find the best answer.

It is also your chance to get honest, real and timely feedback to better yourself from a recruiter. 

In this 1.5hr practice interviewing session, expect to learn from immediate feedback, build confidence and the best tips. 

  • 45mins practice interview with a real recruiter that will provide a non-technical assessment.

  • Immediate, real and constructive feedback on how to do better.

  • Resume critique and improvement tips.

  • Your questions, answered.

What you will get...


9-10 Jan, 9am - 4pm

30-31 Jan, 10am - 5pm

Still unsure which is the one for you to start with? Get clarity with a complimentary 30 mins consult. 


What others are saying

"Gail's session enabled me to gain greater clarity on how to express my authentic professional self in interviews.

In her mock interview, she gave excellent practical tips on answering both common and difficult interview questions and tailored her advice based on my individual career goals and strategy. 

Her career framework, strong industry knowledge and expertise on the differing roles within various organizations were incredibly useful."

"I have attended Gail's CV and portfolio building session and I find it really helpful for career-switchers.


Gail sat down patiently with me to understand my background and helped to look out for my blind spots and find ways to build my strengths. 

On top of that, Gail has a great personality and it is a pleasure working with her!"

"Talking to Gail helped me to close my career gaps transitioning into UX design.


She is patient and pointed me in the right direction so I'm more clear on what to do next. 


Gail had identified my strengths and weaknesses when we were doing a mock interview and these are the things that I'm currently working on."

"Thank you so much for all your useful tips! They helped me a lot! I was getting pressed to reveal my last drawn salary during the HR screening call but was able to navigate that successfully (took me by surprise honestly as I wasn't expecting that question during first contact).

I was also able to negotiate for a slightly higher salary with them by being honest about my previous package and helping them understand why I'm asking for xx% more. Thank you so much for all your coaching!

"Gail is a steadying voice for the anxious mid-career switcher, and the tips and mental framework she shares in her classes are extremely useful for people taking that leap into an entirely different field of work!

She has been sincere in giving her advice and her honesty has helped me feel more prepared to improve how I present myself to future companies."



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As a job candidate, it is only natural to have questions about (un)common practices during your hiring process.

Job seeker in job interview meeting with


In the modern age, swapping jobs too often can still raise eyebrows. Here's how you can dispel potential worries. 

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Preparing for the dreaded questions about salary will lead you to answering them with confidence.


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